Smoke-free policy

We are proud to be a non-smoking hotel. Yuzhniy Apart Hotel is committed to providing a healthy smoke-free environment being the first property in Volgograd to have limited smoking areas to the restaurant and the bar only.

We are very positive about the new policy hoping that Apart Hotel guests will prefer a non-smoking accommodation. Fresh air in Hotel rooms and corridors free from smoke odours is an essential health requirement for our guests and the staff.

According to our findings the majority of guest requests favor a non-smoking hotel environment.

Apart Hotel’s guests can enjoy the fresh smoke-free air in all areas. We do provide designated smoking areas within the restaurant and the bar of Yuzhniy Hotel as well as outside the building to accommodate the needs of guests who smoke.

Thanks to non-smoking policy our staff can also have a healthier life free from passive second-hand smoking. Smoke-free policy also comprises with our fire safety rules.

We are happy to offer our guests and staff an opportunity of staying in a safe and healthy environment. We hope that our guests will understand our intentions and abstent from smoking in the premises. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.